Welcome, student reporters!

This is where you will be doing all of your blogging for JRL 459. You are required to blog four times this semester. Your blogs will coincide with four of your stories. Take a conversational, but professional, tone and remember that we’re looking for some thoughtful analysis of your story. Reflect on the experience of researching, reporting, writing and producing.

Simple guidelines:

1. The title of your blog should be your first name and your story slug. Example: April – Morgantown housing

2. Tell your followers (namely, Profs. Dahlia and Johnston) a story. Reflect on the experience. Analyze your process. Take a stance. Be conversational, but professional. Be concise, but eloquent. Offer opinion, but be responsible.

3. Embed, or provide a link to, your story (whether print, broadcast or multimedia). It will be difficult for others to understand your post if they can’t see the story.

4. Offer additional information. Post a video clip, a photo or a piece of an interview you loved or found really interesting but didn’t use because it didn’t fit or you didn’t have enough time or space.

5. Hyperlinks! We want to see three of them. Mostly likely, these will be places you visited while you were researching the story. They should be a place your followers can go for more information on the topic. Make sure they don’t lead us to the same place!

6. Proofread your post for spelling and grammar, then publish it for all the world to read (or at least for Profs. Dahlia and Johnston to read).

Happy blogging!

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