jared-WVU Goes Green

When I first saw that it was Sustainability Week at WVU I instantly knew that would make for a good Vosot. Not only would it have good visuals but it would also be interesting and promote awareness.

As a student you hear about recycling and how important it is, yet I haven’t seen a lot around campus. I personally had no idea how WVU ranked as far as their recycling and how eco-friendly they are. I have seen recycling trucks drive by and you see the trash bins in the Mountianlier, but still that was about all I had seen.

I started the project Monday because it was a short week for me because professor Corio wanted me to have everything finished by Thursday at noon. At first things did not start off as planned. We had just got a new tripod because the first one we had didn’t work properly. So when I used the new one that I just received to my surprise it also did not work that well. The first one we had the leg would not extend, well with the new one the leg would not lock making filming rather difficult. After playing with it for a few minuets I got it to where it was serviceable and started filming.

I found this story more interesting than my first and felt it was much easier to shoot. Going Green is an important issue and visually there was so much stuff to shoot, so I never had a problem of wondering how I would get b-roll. I was able to see how WVU stacks up when it comes to being eco-friendly and also I learnt random facts about recycling. I also found out that their is a new water filtering system on the second floor of the Mountainlier that gets refilled after every 900 students or so. I found that rather interesting.

The interviewing process was rather easy as well. I found a student who didn’t really know much about sustainability week which was good. It offered a different perspective and showed how they could improve it and get more students involved. My favorite quote was when he said “I honestly had no clue that it was even sustainability week.” I didn’t use it because it was so short but it showed that a lot of students were not aware.

I think WVU has a long way to go in order to make the campus more eco-friendly and get the word out, but they are in the right direction.




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