Matt- Pot Holes KDKA

The idea for my first Vo-Sot story with KDKA was about the money that goes into repairing the roads in Morgantown.

With Morgantown’s population expanding and the infrastructure staying the same, the amount of money that the city has to maintain the roads to keep the city growing.

The story idea came from the Dominion Post. I read a story saying how West Virginia is proposing a $700 million dollar budget for new roads throughout the state.

I went to our news meeting Tuesday and was given permission to do this story. Wednesday in between my class I went to the City Managers office and asked Terrence Moore a few questions about the issue. I asked about the budget for Morgantown to the infrastructure.

This story was an important story for me to cover. No matter what street you drive or walk on in Morgantown, you are going to see a pot hole or some hint that the infrastructure is still old. With the amount of students, parents, and businesses coming to Morgantown, it is important to maintain our roads. There have even been stories from drivers who say that hitting pot holes have flattened their tire or caused some damage to their vehicle.

Visually I believe that this was a good story to do as well. I was able to film a lot of potholes throughout Morgantown. I was having some trouble with my camera.

I had one of the older versions of camera in the class and I noticed many digital marks throughout my video. I also had problems with dropped video and even dropped sound. Luckily I filmed enough that I was able to salvage most of my video and create a good Vo-Sot.

I was able to finish my filming by Wednesday night and give the camera to Ann so she could film her story on Thursday. After my filming I prepared my script, which was an easier task than filming because I had researched my information before I filmed. Also without lugging the camera, tripod, and audio equipment made my job easier. When I finished my script I printed it out and edited my video.

Editing the project was another easy task. I have become a very efficient video editor and I was able to edit my video within minutes. After my video was finished, I printed it to video on two dvc pro tapes and then turned everything. I was able to be finished with my whole project by Wednesday night, despite having class from 11 in the morning till 9 at night.




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