Ann- Chateau Royale Stabbing

My first idea for my first Vo-Sot was to do a story on a fight that took place in the Mountainair garage. Professor Dahlia then directed me to a story that had been on the front page of the Dominion Post. A boy had been stabbed at the Chateau Royale apartment complex, and two brothers were being charged.

 I did all of my video shooting, interviews, and editing in one day. I set up an interview with a friend I know who lives in chateau. He was aware of what happened and said he has known the kids who were being accused and knew they were never up to good. After getting an interview with him I walked around the apartment complex and got different shots of the complex. I then interviewed another girl who I saw while shooting b-roll. She lived alone and has lived at Chateau for 2 years by herself and was very uncomfortable about the situation and said she has never heard of something like this happening.

 After getting two interviews with apartment tenants I decided I would head into the main office and attempt to get an official interview, but was turned down by the office workers.

 I found one of the biggest things that helped me when creating this vo-sot was to write my script before I went out to do the shooting, this way I was able to assemble my vo-sot quick and easily. The only issues I had was attempting to put my video onto the KDKA tape. I realized having to lay video after someone else has put there’s on the tape was not an easy task, but we realized it was easier for each person lay extra video footage at the end of their vo-sot for the next person to tape over.

 I think this story was a quick simple way to get the word out about this stabbing, because I don’t think many of the apartment tenants heard about it, and maybe it will help Chateau Royale to increase their safety patrol around the complex.

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