Zack- Charities in Mon and Preston Counties Stay Busy

 When I was initially researching different story ideas for non-profit organizations around Morgantown, I found out about Christian Help, Inc.    They are a nondenominational group that helps provide food, clothing, blankets, and other necessary items to those who can’t otherwise afford to buy the things they need. 

 My initial plan was to just feature Christian Help with my story, but I was asked to try and make the story more appealing to the rest of the West Virginia audience.  This led me to the United Way. The United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties helps fund programs for 25 different non-profits in the area, including some of Christian Help’s efforts.  Learning more about the United Way was probably the most interesting part of this story for me.  As it turns out, each different United Way organization is separate.  They all do separate work to raise funds for their own community, and that money goes directly back into the specific community where it came from.  I talked to Erin Newmeyer at the United Way, and she told me that the work they have done lately has been as important as ever due to the demand from the whole community.

Overall, I think the story went fairly well.  I was up against my deadline a little bit more than I like to be, so I didn’t get all the video I would have liked.  Still, I think the overall point comes across fairly well.  Another good source of information for non-profits in Morgantown is the WVU Center for Civic Engagement.  I use it as one of my sources for story ideas.

I worked hard on this story, especially because it had been a year since I did any real work with video editing.  I think it is alright for my first time back.  The link to the story is below.  I hope you enjoy it!

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