Josie – Diet Soda

I did my story on a new study that was brought up in my WVU News class that was found at The study surveyed 2500 people that drank diet soda everyday and found that they had a 48% higher risk of having a stroke. I thought this was a good story because many people think they are choosing the healthier drink when picking diet soda over regular soda.

I got the story idea on Monday so the first thing I did for my story was research everything about the study and strokes linked to diet soda. The American Heart Association had a lot of information about other studies that were done on diet sodas and even regular sodas. Most studies have found health risks from drinking each kind.

On Monday I also got an interview for my ordinary person. I interviewed Bryan Denis. He is the Games Area Manager at the MountainLair. Denis drinks 4-5 bottles of coke zero EVERY DAY. I thought he was a good person to interview because he didn’t know about the study and drank more than one a day. Denis said that the study wouldn’t stop him from drinking that many a day. After the interview I followed Denis around while he worked on stuff at the bowling alley.

On Tuesday I tried reaching a doctor who would know anything about the study who could give me any information. I e-mailed and called/left messages. Only two got back to me and told me they didn’t have any information they could give me because they didn’t know about the study. The next day I stopped in Dietician Nettie Freshour’s office to see if she knew anything about the study because I was running out of time. She actually had just read about the study and had some information to give me. She said that the researchers didn’t look at other factors in the people they surveyed that could lead to strokes as well.

After I got my interview, I went out and filmed people on campus drinking diet soda. It was on a really nice day so I was able to get good b roll of people outside drinking diet sodas. Editing it all together didn’t take long. Something I learned about doing this story was the best thing to do to get an interview is just show up. Overall this story wasn’t too hard to get all together.


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