Kiersten- Self defense

I did a story on self defense because it sparked my interest with the recent shooting on Grant Avenue in Morgantown. When people are faced with certain situations they may or may not know how to defend themselves so I wanted to focus on how people can defend themselves. Casey’s ATA Black belt Academy in Morgantown offers weekly self defense classes along with martial arts that not only teach people how to defend themselves and prevent attacks, but how to live by the ideals of the academy.

I got my idea for the story from The Daily Athenaeum website and after reading it I decided to research everything about self-defense statistics and attacks and how Morgantown residents can protect themselves. On Tuesday, February 22 I attended a self-defense class at Casey’s ATA Black belt Academy in Morgantown and spoke with the owner and one of the instructors, Lesley Casey. She gave me a lot of good tips and showed her class helpful techniques to use if they are every put into a threatening situation. After the class was over I interviewed one of the women who was taking the class, Debi Lewis. Debi takes the self-defense class with her two children because she wants them all to be prepared and build better life skills as well. Debi had a scary situation when she was a student at WVU many years ago and that is one of the main reasons she chooses to take the class now. I got some really good soundbites from her and was able to get to know her situation a little better through speaking with her.

On Wednesday, February 23 I went to the Morgantown Police Department and interviewed Lieutenant Mike Lantz to find out some statistics about attacks and safety in Morgantown. Lt. Lantz told me about Morgantown’s safety plan in case the city is ever faced with a violent crime emergency such as a mass shooting. Lt. Lantz also showed me a technique that anyone can use to protect themselves with their car keys. The interview went really well and I got a better understanding of how much crime there really is in Morgantown.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this story because it gave me a better understanding of really how many people get attacked or are put in life threatening situations every year. I now know how to protect myself and my hope is that anyone who watches my video or views the Casey’s ATA Black belt Academy website and takes the self-defense class will be able to protect themselves better as well.

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