National Kid’s Dental Health Month-Katie

As February comes to a close we wrap up heart disease awareness month. Most people do not know that February is also National Dental Health Month for Kids. West Virginia ranks dead last in the nation for dental health and 42.8% of West Virginians over the age of 65 will lose most (5 or more) if not all of their teeth.

Shooting was a different experience for me this week, I had never been to the WVU school of Dentistry and I was quite impressed. The facilities were nice, along with all of the students and professionals. I first sat down with Dr. Elliot R. Shulman and discussed some of the biggest issues that our facing our state.

I started shooting my package monday morning with our videographer Katelyn. The fluorescent lighting made getting the correct filter and balance difficult but I think we pulled it off well with the mostly white backgrounds.

The American Dental Association helps kids get the dental care they need with their Give Kids a Smile program.

While I was at the School of Dentistry I was able to see several patients who were coming back for follow-up appointments after their initial Give Kids a Smile appointment. Dr. Shulman stressed the importance of basic oral care.

The Centers for Disease control also offers excellent advice on keeping your mouth healthy.

I also learned that finding an ordinary person when it comes to working with children can be quite the daunting task. A few people were uninterested in participating in the piece but I quickly found two families that were more than willing to help.

Hopefully by instilling health habits at a younger age, more West Virginians can look forward to keeping their teeth at an older age.

Get your kid interested in oral health by clicking here.

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