Lauren-Boys and Girls Club

I chose to do a story on Morgantown’s chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. I wanted to do this story originally on a program they offer called “Goals to Graduation,” but I missed the night they do the program. I decided to focus the story on how many children are left home alone after school to take care of themselves, and how the Boys and Girls Club gives them a safe place to go and do their homework.
While researching this story I learned that in 2009, 30% of minors were left home alone after school. That statistic really surprised me because I thought after school programs were very common and thought the number of children using them would be higher.

I interviewed Kira Gandolfi on Wednesday…the day before I needed to show stuff to Professor Dahlia. I was very nervous because I had a few stories fall through and I was anxious about getting this one to work out. Luckily it did and I was able to get my interview with her, a student that uses the program, and get plenty of b-roll for my package. While shooting the story I learned that it is difficult to get “natural b-roll” when you have a camera and children are around. As soon as they learned what I was doing, it was constant waving/dancing/etc for the camera. I did manage to get b-roll of them doing work and playing, but it was difficult at first.

My second interview was with an eighth grader that uses the program. He is the youngest person I’ve interviewed, and I was surprised at how different it was than interviewing officials. I think it was his first interview too, so he was nervous and kept looking away from the camera. I told him just to look at me and pretend like the camera wasn’t there, so that made it easier.

This story reinstated something I learned from a previous story…always have back-up stories for your package, and a back-up for your back-up. I had two stories lined up and both interviews canceled on me. I’m actually grateful because I really enjoyed doing a story on the Boys and Girls Club. I think it’s amazing what they do for children and how hard they work to keep kids in school. They help them with their homework, help them make plans for after graduation, and give them a safe place to go after school gets out.

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