Matt- Tobacco Free WVU

Working together with a group made this multi-media project both fun and difficult. Our group had some ups and downs the same as every other group. We started out with a great multi-media piece about a girl who was attacked by a dog. As we attempted to contact the parents of the girl, they proved to be unreliable. So with time winding down we decided to change our piece to focus on a heated issue. After making the WVU Health Science campus smoke free, WVU is not looking at the options to make the Downtown campus a smoke free campus as well.

We went to the Task Force meeting where there was a lack of attendance and listened to both sides of the issue. One by one students and staff went up to the microphone and expressed their opinions about the issue. At the end of the meeting, we were able to interview smokers and non-smokers about the issue. We also interviewed a Task Force Member and learned that this meeting is meant to find a compromise between both issues.

Filming this issue proved to be difficult and fun. We wanted to express both sides of the issue without being swayed towards one side. We also had a difficult time finding people who were smoking on campus, who wanted to talk and be filmed. Luckily we were able to get enough interviews and information to put a story together.

After we had all of our B-roll and interviews, we sat down and I edited them together. I came up with an idea to have all the interviewees to say their name on camera and say whether they’re a smoker or non-smoker. Then I put them together and made them black and white for effect. I believe with the nat sound in the beginning and the interviews introducing themselves made for a good opening to our video. After we had all our components together we turned them in and were corrected in front of the class. We learned about what was done right and wrong and were able to fix our mistakes.

Now that this multi-media piece is over, I am proud to have my name on it and I will even use it for my resume tape in the future.

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