Kiersten- Tobacco-Free WVU

When we first found out our groups for the multimedia project, we brainstormed ideas and originally were going to go with a story about a little girl who was bitten by a dog and the issues that surrounded that. That original story fell through so we then decided to focus on a story that involved WVU and a tobacco-free task force that is trying to make the campus smoke-free.

Our group attended the tobacco-free task force meeting on Monday February 28, 2011 and interviewed some people about their opinion on the proposed smoke-free policy. We did an on camera interview with the Assistant Provost C.B. Wilson who is the chair of the smoke-free task force as well as the head of the “Tobacco-free Mountaineers” organization. After we attended the meeting we decided to go out on to the campus and get random smokers and non-smokers’ opinions about the proposed smoke-free policy. Sayres, Matt, and I (Kiersten Kosko) filmed different views and angles of people smoking and walking around campus in and out of the buildings where smoking is supposed to be banned. We learned that there was a policy put in place at WVU in 1990 that states “there is to be no smoking within 15 feet of an entrance to any building, PRT station, or high traffic area; this policy is obviously not being enforced at the current time. The only part of WVU’s campus that enforces the “smoke-free” policy is the Health Sciences Campus, and they have a strict tobacco-free policy throughout the entire campus.

When we all went into the edit lab to edit together our multimedia project, it was pretty simple because Matt is a really fast editor and we filmed things sequentially which made it a whole lot easier to put the story together. Taelene and Andrew wrote the print story and focused on how WVU could make this smoke-free policy work as it does at other universities across the U.S. After the project was all done, I must say that I am very proud of the work that we did and I think that our multimedia project gives light to the proposed policy and gives a fair, unbiased view of the of both sides of the issue from a smoker and non-smokers’ view on the subject.

Below is our project that we uploaded to

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