Ashley Ward: Life of “Spud”

For are multimedia project we had the pleasure of getting to know Edith Bilson. Better known as Spud, Bilson has become an inspiration to many people in Morgantown, West Virginia and myself. Spud began volunteering for Christian Help Center in 2007 and has been there ever since. She has devoted her time to organizing and maintaining the food pantry, where many families in Morgantown and surrounding areas come to receive food when needed. Through this multimedia project I was able to see a side of Spud that may not be visible through the food pantry.
Learning about Spud’s life and what brought her here is truly an amazing story. As Spud said herself, God has a plan for all of us, and I believe that Spud being in Morgantown was meant to be. What surprised me most was Spud’s lack of realization of how important her work is to the Christian Help Center and just how appreciated she is.
Spud has been nominated numerous times for volunteer of the month at Christian Help Center and was even voted as one of Morgantown’s 100 most influential people. Getting to really know Spud made it easy to understand why she had been nominated. Her positive attitude and smiling face made her a very deserving individual for these nominations.
What I enjoyed most about doing this project was the friendship that I made with Spud and the laughter that I was able to share with her almost every time I spoke with her. Spud welcomed my group into her home and shared with us many of the experiences in her life that made her the person she is today. At first the amount of information we had seemed a little overwhelming but narrowing it down to what was most important and what really made our story come full circle really made our project come together.

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