Josh Mei Rapper

Josh Mei Multimedia Project
When people think of rappers they usually think of someone who grew up in the hard streets. Well I recently did my first multimedia project on a rapper, Josh Mei. He went to school at Ohio State University and graduated in 2009. Both of his parents are working at West Virginia University as professors.

Mei been involved in music all his life. He learned to play the piano when he was younger. He actually started rapping seriously in college. He formed a group called the Iron Mcs with some friends from college, they performed around the town while they were together. After he graduated he moved back to Morgantown, WV after he graduated.

Once Mei moved back he started performing on his own. He performs at local venues and private functions throughout the town. This was the first time I had a long time contact with any of my interviewees. I think it really helped out a lot with a project like this. I got to know him really well as a person so I think that brought more to the story because we were able to find out who he really is and we were able to show that.

Mei is interesting because he is Chinese. He brings an entirely different culture to the hip hop scene. I really like working with him and learning where he came from and all of his roots because that plays a big part of his music. I thought my group and I did well showing him as an artist.

These are some of sites where you can find Mei’s music or just learn more about him.

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