Joshua Mei Rapper – Harr

For our multimedia project we spent weeks following Joshua Mei around Morgantown. He is a local rapper that performs at various local clubs and parties. This was a big change for me as opposed to during a ‘normal’ news package, we conducted multiple interviews at different places including Josh’s home, and two of the bars that he performed at.  It was hard for me to share responsibilities with other group members because I am a control freak. After manipulating our schedules we were able to work as a real team and create this fantastic package. Overall, I’m very impressed with our final product.

We came up with the concept during a brain storming session after one of our multimedia classes. We felt that this was the best option because of all of the good visuals and audio we could use when covering a music artist.  The first night after deciding our topic we followed Josh and his beat-boxing partner Ryan around at 123 Pleasant Street, a local bar were they have live entertainment. They were able to give us a special ‘preview’ of their act by pulling us into a side room and giving us a 5 minute performance. The next time I met up with Josh was at his house where we conducted a 45 minute interview. Usually I will interview a potential news interview for no more than 10 minutes, but I wanted to be sure that I would have enough quality audio bites to make the best possible package.  Josh first kicked off his rapping career as a junior in college at Ohio University. At a local coffee shop he met his future rap partners, the Iron MC’s. After graduation Josh came back home to Morgantown where he embarked on his career as a solo artist. You can check out his newest music here. Josh is currently working for the WVU Hospital while rapping part time until he either gets discovered or puts down his mic forever.

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