Josie – MHS Show Choir

I really enjoyed working on this project with my group. Chelsea came up with the idea to do a strory on the show choir on how good they have been doing the past years. She had mentioned that MHS show choir was followed by MTV to do a reality show on the choir. The plans fell through but it didn’t stop thr choir to continue to perform well. You can find the trailer for the reality show here. The show Glee is what the show would have been like.

We went to the show choirs practice on a Thursday morning and ended up staying their whole practice and shot pretty much their whole performance. They had a competition the following Saturday in St. Clairesville.

Their practice performance was so good. We got b roll from the balcony and on stage as well. We wanted to not just focus on the show choir but on how it has brought all the members together as a family. We interviewed a freshman and the two dance captains. We got an interview from the coach as well.

Chelsea went to their competition in St. Clairesvill where they won titles for their performance. She came back with some great pictures! We showed our rough draft in class and had to re do our interviews because of sound and qualities. We went back to another practice and got the interviews again.

We then edited and showed it in class. We still have a few things to fix but overall I really enjoyed doing this project. All the members of the group worked very well with each other and were able to make it to everything. Also, I think that the MHS show choir are a very talented group that need to be recognized.

– All about show choir.

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