Kaylyn — Bodybuilding

My second story for The Dominion Post centered around the life and training of Scott Schlobohm, a WVU student who is set to compete in a bodybuilding competition in just a few short months. The interview process was not only informative but also proved to be quite enjoyable as well.

First, I spoke with Scott extensively about his personal experiences both as an athlete and a personal trainer at the HIT Center. Scott said that those two aspects of his life fit well together and he is able to incorporate his own training techniques into the plans of his clients. He says that being able to combine his passion and his career is the ideal scenario.

Scott spoke a lot about the progession that he has made over the years, but because this will be his first competition, he said that he has a lot to look forward to and even more to learn. I also spoke with Scott’s mentor, Carl Bezick, who has witnessed Scott’s dedication and improvement.

Perhaps the most interesting and surprising part of the interview process came when I spoke with Professor Stephen Alway. Alway is a former competitive bodybuilder who earned the title of Mr. Canada in 1985. Despite his success, Alway decided to turn to academia instead of continuing his athletic career. The exercise physiology professor said that he loved the training but did not look forward to competition. His academic and athletic background made him the perfect expert source for this article, however. He offered valuable information regarding the scientific aspects of training and nutrition. Alway’s personal story is one that did not fit into the article I was already writing, but has the potential to warrant a story of its own.

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