“MHS Show Choir” –Allen Clayton

This multimedia project was a great experience for our team. At the first team meeting, Chelsea said that we (Kaitlynn, Josie, and Ann) could focus on the Morgantown High school show choir.   We really thought that this idea was great because of all the visuals we could get and the sound we could use for our project.

We attended several of their practices, and the choir never complained or acted as though we were in their way when we shot our footage or during interviews. I spent some time brain storming idea’s and talking with the others to decide what direction we wanted to use. We decided that we liked the family aspect and how they have came together spending long hours on work weekends practicing and and hour everyday at school.

The team worked together really well. We kept each other involved by letting the others know what was going on and motivated. Texting for us was amazing as we have different schedules and worked on the piece as separate times.

Interviewing at the first practice was quite difficult to pull these young performers out of their practice for an interview. Upon the second time interviewing our subjects was a success because they had more free time.

For my first time ever doing a multi-media project I feel as though It was a success and we had a great line of communication. We all put an equal amount of time in shooting and interviewing. I believe that this project is a success.

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