MHS Show Choir

The Show I Saw

by: Kaitlynn Anderson

When our group was first assigned the MHS show choir topic I really was not sure how it was going to turn out. I had previously been told, by one of the Morgantown High School Vice Principals, that we were not able to film in the schools. It was a pleasant surprise when we were invited into MHS to film.

The idea came to one of our group members because her sister is attending MHS and is a member of the show choir. We then found out that the MHS show choir had been the subject of the potential MTV show show choir. The show never aired but it is rumored that it was the inspiration for the new hit show “GLEE.”

Our original focus for our video was going to be about the fitness aspect of show choir and how it is a great form of exercise. These students do not just sing but do a lot of cardio hile they dance. After we met with the kids and interviewed them we realized that the real story was the family.

The students told us how over the intense training they had become really close. The feel protective of each other and even celebrate holidays together. The girls defend the boys and the boys help the girls with anything they might need. They say their drama isn’t as prevalent as the show “Glee” but they do have some disagreements.

The MHS show choir has been around for over 10 years and hopes to be around for many more to come. Show Choirs across the United States have become more popular since the premier of “Glee” two years ago.

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