The Shop-Brandon

I was a little skeptical about getting my haircut in Morgantown because I have been struggling to find a legitimate barber this part of the Country. I would find myself growing my hair out and rushing home to get a haircut. Eventually, I met a guy named Al, he was black and I had never had a black guy cut my hair before.

Al, was the co-owner of ‘The Shop’ had been a barber for a while. After a while Al became my main barber. Every time I got my haircut, I went to him. I told him about how skeptical I was about getting my haircut. We became good friends and indulged in some pretty deep conversations. He told me about how diverse The Shop was and we talked about how segregated barbershops were in the city. Back home for us, most people segregate to their race to get the haircut that they want.

Al told me how one night; a woman drove by and saw him cutting an older white man’s hair. She was an editor of the Dominion Post and told Al about the ‘change’ that she was seeing in his barbershop. Al told me about this story and I thought it would be a good idea for a news story.

After further consideration I realized that a news package wouldn’t give the story the merit it deserved. The visuals, audio and things that went on in the shop were more designated for a multi-media package. I felt that a news story wouldn’t encompass what the shop really was.

I pitched the story to my multi-media group and we started planning out the story. Filming the multi-media project on the shop was a little harder than I thought. Getting an interview with Al was falling through and the B-roll was surprisingly limited. When we first showed our teachers our footage they told us that they didn’t think we could pull it off. The main reason being that we didn’t yet have an interview with the main part of the story Al.

I eventually got the interview and everything came together great. We decided to play his voice over the entire feature because he has so many good things to say. I was very impressed with they way our story turned out and everybody’s efforts throughout.

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