Ann-B&E Ranked

For my third Vo-Sot I chose to do it on the Business being Ranked as one of the top 100 Business schools. West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics has been ranked number ninety in the Best Undergraduate Business Schools of 2011, according to the newly released Bloomberg Businessweek rankings.

The announcement marks the first-ever top one hundred ranking by the business school in its nearly sixty-year history which is a huge accomplishment for the school and something they have always worked towards. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and six different majors. Undergraduate enrollment is currently at nine hundred and twenty three. W-V-U celebrated the ranking by hosting a cake cutting ceremony at the Business school.

This Vo-Sot was pretty easy to put together because the school hosted a cake cutting ceremony at the school which presented me with great footage for b-roll, and also a easy opportunity for an interview. Everyone I spoke to whether a professor or student said they were very proud of the honor that the school received and thought that the ranking created a very positive look for the school.

The interview I used was a student Kelly Taylor. Kelly is a Senior Business Major. Kelly expressed how important this ranking was for B&E and how it will reflect positveily on her for her job search, and will hopefully draw more students from around the country to WVU’s ranked Business school.
Although I was not able to use the interview for my story the Dean of the Business School spoke at the cake cutting ceremony which made the ceremony very special for everyone in attendance.
-Rankings and Businessweek website

B&E website

Business programs at the WVU College of Business & Economics are accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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