Baby Monitors – Josie

I did my fourth story on the safety of baby monitors. I found the story first on The majority of parents use baby monitors to watch and hear their baby while they are sleeping or in a different room for a few minutes. But a recent recall on baby monitors have parents thinking more about the safety of these devices. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the Summer Infant Video baby monitor because it had caused strangulation in two babies in the past year. The parents had the baby monitor too close to the crib.

For my story I focused on baby and how parents need to use them correctly. I found a mom of two that uses baby monitors. Her baby monitor is chorded but she keeps it far away from the crib. The recommended distant is more than three feet away from the crib. I interviewed her and got shots of her and her son.

I also interviewed Diane Rudash from WVU’s Early Learning Center about the safety of them as well. She is the director of WVU Nursery so she had good safety information. She mentioned that baby monitors are safe but they don’t act as a babysitter for your child. She says to make sure you check on your baby often.

I enjoyed doing this story because I learned good information that other parents, like myself, can use. I also learned how important recalls are. You use something and think it’s safe, and then they find something dangerous about it and every parent wants the safest thing for their child. It shows how important they really are.

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