Beech View Place – Whitney

Finding residential living close to campus and downtown parking can be a challenge with Morgantown’s ever-growing student population. But, a new apartment complex located on Beechurst Avenue is expecting completion by this December. Beech View Place will contain six levels of residential living, a bottom floor for commercial space and a parking garage. Construction on the development began in June 2010 as a $30 million project. The developers are hoping this complex will help decrease the traffic and parking situation in downtown Morgantown.

I began my work on this story on Wednesday (3/16) by meeting with my interview subject, Paul Espinosa, at noon by the Waterfront Place Hotel. As a current WVU student, I got Paul’s opinion on whether he thought the development was a good idea, if he thought it would help the traffic and parking downtown, and if he would consider looking into living at Beech View Place. The interview went smoothly and from there I went downtown by Chesnut Street to shoot b-roll of crowded parking areas, parking meters, and mid-day traffic. After that, I went to the Beech View Place construction site and got various shots of the area with construction workers busy working on the development.

The next day, I wrote most of the script for the story in the morning and then went to the edit lab at 2:00 p.m. and edited the b-roll and interview into a VOSOT. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and I was able to finish up within an hour. I submitted the completed script and story to my professor who then sent it to be played during a WBOY-TV newscast the following week.

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