Gas Prices- Kiersten

I wanted to focus on doing a story about the rising gas prices because of how they are affecting the economy and the people of the U.S. When I first started filming gas price signs and people pumping gas I thought I would see people spending a lot of money to fill up their gas tanks, but to my surprise I did not. Because gas prices are so high people only spent the amount of money they could afford to fill up their tanks to get where they were going. I filmed people filling up their tanks at the local Sheetz and Dairy mart in Morgantown where I found a woman who travels more than eighty miles a day just to get to work. I was able to talk to a lot of people about how they felt about the rise in gas prices and how they try to find alternate transportation to save money. Through talking to one person, I found out about a website called where residents can find the lowest gas prices in their area.

Through researching about both local and national gas prices I found that AAA has averages from around the U.S. After researching gas prices I interviewed Russell Sobel, a WVU Economics professor about how the rise in gas prices will effect the economy and he said that overall it won’t be a bad thing for the U.S. because things tend to balance out.

After doing all of my interviews and learning more about gas prices, I realized how local residents are being affected by the rise in gas prices and how they are dealing with it by making changes to their daily lives. I actually really enjoyed doing this story and learning more about the U.S. economy.

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