Chic Fil A- Jeremy Neely

This VoSot was a lot easier to put together than any news report I have done in the past years. I wasn’t exactly sure what story I was going to cover for my downtown campus beat. When Scotty Bates walked into the edit lab and said that there was a line for the Chic-Fil-A longer than he has seen at any place in the lair, I knew that was the story I would cover. This was the grand opening of the Chic-Fil-A in the Mountainlair, so I hoped it would be something we needed covered.

I immediately left the edit lab and ran to the car to grab my camera. When I got to the Mountainlair the line was backed up past the walkway that divides the two sections of the dining hall in the lair. I knew shots from the back of that line would look good. I tried to keep the Chic-Fil-A sign in my shots as much as possible. While I was in the back of the line I got some shots of the Chic-Fil-A cow roaming around giving people high fives and interacting. I knew this would be good visuals for this otherwise boring news story. I mostly focused my shots on how long the line was and how the students didn’t mind waiting 30 minutes to get a sandwich.

While I was filming I saw that there was someone walking around with the cow who also worked for the Chic-Fil-A. I asked her if she would be willing to interview for the story. She politely declined but told me she would be able to get me someone better. I followed her and she brought me David Friend, the Director of WVU Dining Services. This was probably the best person I could interview for a story such as this. I was glad that I could get a professional’s perspective rather than just a student. I feel that Friend did a great job giving me the exact quotes I needed to put together an exceptional VoSot.

Click here for VoSot

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