Brandon Ruta- Wharf District

Another one down, one more to go. That is what I was thinking after the last news package I put together.

I’ll only have to endure the stresses of being a news reporter one more time this semester.. Non of my stories, thus far this year has been as smooth as I intended. This one was just like the rest.

You always plan for a story to go a certain way and it never goes in the path that you intended. I originally was going to do a story on the local airport and how it may be losing some federal funding. After me and my videographer got the door shut on our faces and the airport neglected to return any of my phone calls I decided that I would have to ditch that story.

The following day I was juggling ideas and turned to my other beat report which involved the Wharf district- a newly developed river district of Morgantown. I made a couple of phone calls and got a hold of the owner of a newly opening microbrewery and an official that could elaborate on the development of the Wharf….few.

Developing B-roll went somewhat seamless but due to conflicting whether I was forced to shoot in a small window of time. The interviews went well and I realized something about reporting in Morgantown. In most city’s or other regions of the country, for that matter, I feel it would be difficult to generate interview subjects for a news story. There seems to be a common hospitality and generosity of the people of Morgantown that enables us young reporters to get on-camera interviews with short notice.

I am grateful of that and grateful to be a reporter in a small city where you’re able to get the bulk of a breaking news story. Being a reporter- like I said before- is not an easy task. You have to constantly rely on things that you have no influence over ex; weather, people, equipment etc. But you have to trust you’re skills, manage you’re time and believe in the sincerity of you’re sources to create a good news story.


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