J School Mobile App- Jared

I started out this week with this story as my back up plan. I intended to do a story on WVU and it trying to make their buildings more green. After more research on that topic I realized that it was not what I thought. The story was really about WVU doing research on different companies throughout the state and which companies provided green materials.

So on Tuesday I decided to do this story and I figured it would be something I could do in one day. Overall I think this was very easy, maybe the easiest one yet. At first I was not sure what I would shoot for b-roll. I kept thinking how many cell phone shots can you have before it becomes repetitive? So as I was shooting I thought that I could start shooting the same people but from five different ways. Sure enough that fixed my problem on what I could shoot. I found two people who were sitting in the Mountainliar eating. Both people were on the cell phones, so this gave me a few different shots of showing people on their phones.

Later on I found another student on their Iphone. I asked them if they could go to their app store and they agreed. I was able to get four-five different angles of them going through their app store.

I thought this was an interesting story though because so many people have smart phones. It seems like everyone under 30 has a blackberry or Iphone. The fact that the J School has created an app I think is very smart. The app is a great way to help small newspapers transition into the digital age and at the same time gives so many people access to different small papers. As I talked to different people they all were curious about the app. Most did not know about it, but they all agreed that it was a smart move by the J-School.

I don’t think for this project I would have done anything different. If anything I would have liked to get shots of people on different cell phones such as other smart phones. With the variety of smart phones out their I think different shots would have only enhanced the package.



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