Mohamed Ali- Kiersten

This story was unlike any story I have ever done before. I usually focus on hard news stories and hard hitting news that is timely, but this time I chose to do a feature story on a WVU student named Mohamed Ali.

Mohamed is a sophomore who has dealt with obesity throughout his childhood and during his sophomore year of high school, he decided to develop a program to help others lose weight just like he did.

This story was on more of a personal level and I got to know about Mohamed’s past and what made him so motivated to lose weight. He showed me pictures from when he was an obese child and photos from after he lost the weight.

Mohamed was inspired to start a program called A.L.I after his last name because of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program. He is working with WVU to try to get a summer program set up for adolescence to participate in his healthy lifestyle program.

After working with Mohamed and getting to know him, I realized that he wants to help decrease the amount of obese people in West Virginia and stop the obesity epidemic among both children and adults in the state. I found out a lot more information about obesity and how it effects people’s lives just how it affected Mohamed’s life when he was a child.

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