PACE Enterprises-Ashley Ward

This week I had the opportunity to meet some of Morgantown’s most unique workers. West Virginia’s unemployment rate has affected many people through out the Mountain State and has been the topic of many news stories. However, we have not heard much about how the unemployment rate has affected the many West Virginian’s with disabilities. West Virginia holds the highest unemployment rate of people with disabilities. Morgantown’s PACE Enterprises provides vocational training to West Virginians with a disability then places them in a job that is suitable for their needs. I wasn’t sure what to expect when going through the training process and was surprised at how welcoming and glad the trainees were to see me.
I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff Linkous, one of PACE Enterprises trainees and best employee. Hearing how important and special PACE was to Linkous made me realize the importance of organizations like PACE. The individual attention and training that each client receives really makes a difference in the lives of the people involved.
During shooting footage I was afraid some people may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable being filmed. But to my surprise most were open to the idea and actually thought it was neat. Finding people to interview was not as difficult as I thought and filming clients participating in the various training activities was very easy. In the end I was very pleased with the people I got to speak with and the footage I was able to shoot. \

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