Pet Owners Urged To Be Responsible –Allen Clayton

While having the Star City/ West Over beat I find it hard to get a lot of stuff happening in those area’s. As very much does not happen in those communities. There is a lot of gray area to cover and all kinds of stories in the Morgantown area as a hole. So I have broadened my horizons in searching for stories.

I decided to do an amimal awareness story of how responcible pet owners are. I thought this would be a great story as W-V-U Students just got back from spring break and are wrapping up their semester and getting ready for summer.

I interviewed Sarah Croy a local Morgantown resident who adopted her dog from a man in a Wal-mart parking lot.

Croy says her dog, Roxy, would have ended up at the pound had she not adopted her.

She now doesn’t like to leave her pup alone for more than a few hours, and she’s frustrated by people who leave their animals alone to fend for themselves for extended periods of time.

Upon speaking with the Monongalia County Dog Warden he suggested that getting a responsible friend or familymember to check in if pets must be left alone for an extended period of time or looking for a boarding facility in your home area.

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