The Rack- Ann

For this week I did an evergreen story. I did my Vo-Sot on The Rack. The Rack is the student food bank at WVU. The Rack was started in Septemeber of 2010, it is located in the Mountainlair, a convenient location for students to access the rack. As statistics show there is a growing population of homeless and/or hungry students on college campuses across the country and a record number of college students have applied for food stamps. WVU has partnered with the greek community to help make The Rack possible.

The Rack has several food items that are in high demand. They are: canned or packaged protein (tuna, chicken, ham, salmon, etc.), macaroni and cheese bowls, flavored pasta and rice bowls, peanut butter, crackers, microwavable meals, canned fruit or fruit cups, cereal, jelly, cheese and peanut butter crackers, granola bars, baking mixes, corn meal, flour, dried beans, rice and other long-term items.

I was on a time crunch this week doing my Vo-Sot but I managed to get it all done in one day. I started off my contacting the director of The Rack and set up an interview. The interview unfortunately fell through because she was out sick. This was an obsticle for me to find another interview in such short time because no one else was very knowledgable about The Rack.

While I was at The Rack shooting B-roll a student came to drop off food, I immediately asked her to do an interview. Meg Haplea is a senior student at WVU. Meg is very passionate about The Rack and says she donates food as much as possible.

Contributions can be dropped off at the Student Organizations Services offices in the Mountainlair. WVU is hopefull that word of The Rack will spread and that it will continue to help students around campus.

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