Zack- Salvation Army

I had three completely different ideas for non-profit stories I could cover this week. One was about an energy company polluting a local waterway, and what some local groups want to do about it.  That idea was pretty much shot down by the professors because they said it would be difficult to pull off.

The second idea was about a free clinic in Morgantown, but ironically their director was so sick she had to get someone to drive her home from work.  That made the clinic story a bust as well. 

For a third idea, I decided to look outside of Morgantown.  I looked far outside Morgantown.  I decided to do a story about what the Salvation Army is doing to help victims of the recent disaster in Japan. I found out how their resources are re-routed to provide aid in the fastest way possible, and I came to understand that the Salvation Army has a large presence in many countries like Japan even before a catastrophe like this happens. 

What I thought was bad luck actually led me to a much more compelling story.  It was impossible for me to get all the visuals the story deserved, but I got a much better understanding of how the Salvation Army is organized, and how they do their best to serve those who need help.  I hope my story illustrates the hard work they do.

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