Morgantown Robbery – Sayres

Morgantown is considered by most to be a very safe town. However, there are crimes that go unnoticed. Robbery is a seemingly large problem in Morgantown. In 2010 there were over 800 cases of theft, larceny, or burglary reported to the Morgantown Police Department.

For this weeks VOSOT I interviewed a fellow journalism student by the name of Frank Wilhite. Last year Frank and his roommates were the victim of a robbery at his previous residence on Grant street. Having been a student at WVU for nearly five years I have encountered numerous students who have been robbed or have had items stolen, often very expensive ones. However, this is the first time that I interviewed someone who has gone through this experience. The most striking part of the interview was his reaction to the robbery. Wilhite returned home from Christmas break to find a broken window and black footprints in his home.

He instantly knew that something was wrong. He said that he felt that someone was in his home before ever seeing any evidence of a robbery. He was very traumatized by the experience. i can only imagine the feeling of hopelessness that would accompany an experience such as this.

Frank walked into his room to find that over 1,500 dollars worth of property had been taken from his home. However, the loss of property is forgettable and the items replaceable, but the sense of hopelessness he experienced is something he will never forget.

We all feel comfortable in our own homes. This is one of the most important aspects of having a place to live. We rent or buy houses to protect ourselves from the outside world. However, when the security of one’s dwelling is compromised then they can never feel fully safe or secure ever again. through this whole process I have learned that money and property are replaceable and valuable; however, nothing is as valuable as a sense of security. This is a lesson that Frank Wilhite will definitely never forget.

I have discovered some links that relate to robbery in Morgantown. The first link is actually a quite amazing story. It deals with a family that was robbed in Morgantown and the whole thing was caught on tape. the family is issuing a reward for any information that is gathered from the tape.

the following two links are to other stories of robberies in Morgantown. the first,, is from WBOY. The second,, is a story about a man who committed a robbery in Morgantown and fled to Florida. He was eventually caught.

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