Sunnyside Up Budget-Matt

This week for My final story I did it on the Sunnyside Uphttp://www.morgantowncity budget. Morgantown City Council passed the new budget for $23 million for 2011-2012. The new budget includes money for the day to day operations of Morgantown. In the new budget includes $100,000 to go to Sunnyside Up. This money is matched with WVU because Sunnyside Up is a Campus Revitalization Project. There was only a few areas throughout the U.S. that are this. One example is in Ohio State.

I got the story idea before spring break when I was interviewing the City Manager Terrence Moore. After the interview we talked about what was going on in the community and he told me about the new budget.  Knowing that I had to have a story after spring break I interviewed him there.

Interviewing him on the spot allowed me to go into spring break stress free and also helped Mr. Moore out by not having to schedule another appointment with me.

After Spring break I did more research on the budget and wrote my script. I then went out and filmed my b-roll. I wandered around Sunnyside and filmed people going to class, houses, buildings and more.

After I finished filming I went to the edit lab and edited my work together. This project went very smoothly and stress free. I was able to do multiple things at once and learned how by asking questions after a interview that I can learn more about future stories.

I also put up the VO in this blog. This is the video and interview that I did for the story. 

Morganto0wn Budget Considerations

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