Tire Slashing – Sayres

Graffiti, toilet papering, and street art can all be considered vandalism in one sense. However, on the residents of Spruce street recently experienced another form of vandalism that was much more harsh and a lot less light-hearted. Over a dozen cars on Spruce had there tires slashed. For the purpose of full disclosure, i was obviously not in my VOSOT, but I too live on Spruce and had my tires slashed as well.

i can speak from personal experience that it is an awful experience. This story is much like the last story I posted because it involves a loss of sense of security. I woke up around nine in the morning. my roommate and I were going to Walmart to buy some cleaning supplies for our house. We entered my car and started driving. However, around fifteen feet down the road my hub caps fell off and the car started shaking uncontrollably. At first, we both thought that I must have run over a nail and flattened my tire. However, when I got out of my car to see what was wrong and quickly realized that my tires were slashed. We returned home.

It was then that he checked his own tires and saw that they slashed all four of his. The same was true for my roommate. This started one of the longest days of my life. My roommates and I spent the entire rest of the day at the Walmart tire center getting new tires. In total, it cost me around 300 dollars and my roommates about 500 each.

However, the money and the time was the least of my worries. For the next few weeks I was paranoid that it would happen again. The feeling that it was imminent that it would happen again was an awful feeling. There were three suspects, however, no one was never arrested.

The following link is from Pt. Pleasant, WV. it deals with a car dealership that had over 100 of their tires slashed, http://www.wsaz.com/news/headling/Police_Search_for_Tire_Slashers_Nearly_100__106829694.html.

The following links are other stories that center around tire slashing in different cities.



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