Lowe- Autism

April is autism awareness month and I had been hearing a lot about how this disorder keeps growing and I had no idea why. I decided to make that my topic to tackle for the week. I not only wanted to see what the disorder actually was and how it affects people, the parents and the kids, but also why this is order is becoming more common. I was excited about the topic and thought getting the story would be one of the easiest but interesting stories I have yet to take on thus far but things did not work out that way.

I did not hear back from any of my contacts for a few days then all in one day they all were wanting and willing to give interviews of course at the same time the next day. I called one of the ladies who had gotten back to me and asked her if she’d be willing to meet later that night instead the next day. The lady was the mother of both a boy and a girl with autism and I met with her that evening at her house. The interview was amazing, I met her children, saw them playing, and got an interview full of emotions. I went straight to editing the piece when I was finished to only find that the audio of the whole interview was unusable… and the disappointment started.

I knew I had interviews the next day and I only hoped that they would be as good, to only get a phone call to say that they had to cancel the interview because the mother would not be available. The next day I made phone calls and found a woman whose son attends therapy at the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities. I got shots of her son going through therapy and playing, things were starting to come around. I was understanding the disorder a little better as well as got a decent interview.

I began editing and writing the script when the disappointment returned. After I was finished with it all and it was saved to my hard drive I went to go burn it and print when my hard drive crashed and it all was gone. Knowing the VOSOT must be done for the next morning I took it as bad luck and started the editing process all over.

Other than the reoccurring disappointment and hurdles I had to cross, the experience, the people I met, and the things I learned made the end piece worth it all. Being non-profit I have had an experience that is second to none and each individual experience has had a small impact on my life and my knowledge.





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