CVS-Lauren Crawley

For my final WVU News package I did a story about Computer Vision Syndrome. I thought this would be a good piece to end the semester with because I could relate CVS to college students. When I researched the condition I found that 70% of people get symptoms after being on a computer for only two hours. People can experience dry eyes, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye pain. I learned about the condition after researching about my own eye problems, and I also found a piece on CBS.

I started off getting b-roll in the Mountainlair and the library of students using their computers. I found a student named Andrew Bosley that was willing to talk to me about how much time he spends on the computer. He told me he started experiencing eye pain after spending hours working on his engineering assignments. I thought he was a good interview because he is a student and other students will be able to relate to him. It shows WVU students that CVS can affect people of any age.

My second interview was harder to get. I called multiple doctors’ offices and nobody wanted to go on camera to do an interview with me. I finally called Dr. Simpson, who has an office at the Morgantown Mall, and he was happy to let me come in for an interview. While at his office I was able to shoot everything. He even helped me shoot my stand-up and let me use the eye equipment.

Since this was my final package I remembered to get my set-up shots, white balance, and check for audio (things I had difficulty remembering from previous stories), so this was a pretty easy package to complete. I learned a lot about CVS and how easy it is to get, and mostly I learned how to prevent it. I’m glad  I chose it for my last WVU News package.

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