Mountainlair Renovations — Kayla Shane

YAY! More WVU Mountainlair renovations to come!

In recent years, the mountainlair has updated the info desk and welcoming area in the front, which is still set to be added to.  Between the lights there are plans to put pictures from among campus, but nothing is set yet.  There is new flooring, updating the old tile.  And, as everyone is aware I’m sure, new restaurants have been added, like Quizno’s, Tazikis, and most recently, a crowd favorite, Chick-fil-a.

There are talks of new furniture, pretty much anywhere you find furniture in the ‘lair.  The Vandalia lounge, the Scholar lounge, and the lounge at the top of the grand staircase.  There will be new wallpaper and new woodwork in the ballroom by next fall.  The ‘lair staff is working with the Interior Design department to continue modifications.

Please feel free to read my story- mountainlair modifications j459.

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