Easter Egg Hunt and Skate at Mon View Park

by Taelene Swihart

The children waited to get their baskets judged


It’s that time again, time for fun, flavor and frolic. Easter egg hunting is an age old tradition dating back to Germany and was eventually brought to Pennsylvania in the 1700’s and to this day is still practiced there.

On April 10, 2011 Mon View Park in Greensboro, PA had an Easter egg hunt and skate. The festivities start off with a magic show done by the magic guy himself, Chad Davis. The children were intrigued and entertained as he had a couple volunteers out of the audience assist him.  Myers Buttermore from Carmichaels was asked to help him with the show, when asked what he thought of the show he said he thought it “was really cool”.

After the magic show, the children were asked to come outside in front of the playground and hunt for Easter eggs. The children lined up and waited for the whistle to blow, they then scattered throughout the area finding eggs in places like under sliding boards, beside teeter totters, and around the pool house and concession stand.

 There were thousands of eggs up for the picking and when it was all over with the children had baskets full of eggs that had candy and money in them. And it was rumored that one special egg had a $50 dollar bill in it.

Besides the egg hunt there were other opportunities for prizes. They had an Easter basket decorating contest that ranged by three age groups, awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. The winners are as followed;

1-4 year olds -Allyson Pratt in 1st place, Eliza Roberts in 2nd place, and Lily Hardy in 3rd place

5-7 year olds- Waddia Rafail in 1st place, Celine Butcher in 2nd, Madison Teagarden, Roger Trude and Emil Enoff in 3rd,

8-11 year olds- Jerome Rafail in 1st place, Jessie Holokd, Kaitlyn Pratt and Mattie Brumley in 2nd place and Stephanie Pratt in 3rd.

The day’s activities ended with roller skating inside the Mon View Park Skating Rink. With admission to the egg hunt, skating was free. The children and adults alike skated to various music played.  In conclusion the children all seemed to enjoy themselves and according to Tracey Buttermore who brought her two grandsons she said that “they had a blast”.

There are more pictures on heraldstandard.com

For more information go to:

www.magicpartyguy.com, http://www.co.greene.pa.us/secured/gc2/notices/NewsRels/2011/2011Mar29EasterEggHunt.htm



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