Dukan Diet- Harr

The Dukan Diet is a new fad diet that started in Europe. Celebrities like Gisele Bunchen and Jennifer Lopez are doing it to shed pounds rapidly. With the book set to release this month in the U.S. after achieving wild success in Europe, I thought it was a timely piece. So what is the Dukan Diet? It consists of dieters eating their way through 4 phases. The first phase or the attack phase has dieters eating only lean proteins and no carbohydrates other than oat bran.  The second phase allows dieters to reincorporate fruits and vegetables in the diet.  The third phase allows dieters to eat cheese and carbohydrates. The fourth phase is to return to the first phase at least once per week.

I was able to speak with Brooke Baker at the WVU hospitals about the riskiness of the diet and some of the complications is can produce other than un safe weight loss. For example, if dieters were to live on this diet for a period of time they could develop bad breath and constipation. Brooke Baker, Dietician  also mentioned that this diet is basically the Atkins or South Beach diets which were extremely popular in 2002-2003.

Since the diet book is not out yet in the United States finding someone who was actually on the diet was quite the struggle. Luckily one of my class mates was able to put me in touch with a girl who loved to try different fad diets.  Kait Ward, dieter, was really great about letting me film her cook and eat one of her meals.

I really didn’t have any technical issues with the story other than I wish that I would’ve waited for the Diet book to come out so that I could have taken a peek at it.




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