Kayla Grogg-Kids Science Carnival

Lambda Omicron, the Alpha Phi Omega chapter at West Virginia University work to raise money every year for their annual Kids Science Carnival. I chose this topic to write my story about.

This carnival was interesting to learn about because it is a way for the fraternity to reach out and interact with the community. It is free to all who wish to come, and the turn out is usually very high.

This year the carnival was held on Saturday, April 2, in Towers, a dormitory for WVU students. It was rewarding to be able to see the children having fun and participating in a number of science projects.

Some of the projects included an amateur archaeologist booth for children to dig for fossils and ancient artifacts, a portable planetarium for them to explore the stars and sky, and many other booths with scientific experiments that gave the children more opportunities for hands on learning.

My favorite part of this experience was seeing the turn out of children at the event. The fraternity sent flyers out to every area elementary school and passed out flyers for the carnival, but I was surprised to see how many children actually came out. It was rewarding to think that children came out for an event that was fun, but it also helped them learn.

Members of the fraternity were very helpful to me as well. I went to their office and spoke with a number of them about the organization and about the carnival itself. I learned that they help the community a lot as a part of their mission. Being a community service organization, they help at Christian Help, Caritas House, and many others.

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