Kayla Grogg_Prom Chic Boutique

            While writing about Christian Help’s event, Prom Chic Boutique, I was very moved by their organization as a whole.  I knew that Christian Help was an organization known for helping those less fortunate in the Morgantown area, but I didn’t know the other services they provide. They also give away men and women’s career clothing for those who cannot afford to purchase professional clothing needed to wear to work or to an interview. Beyond that, Christian Help provides food and emergency financial assistance.

            Prom Chic Boutique was organized by two employees at Christian Help, Brianna Lovell and Heather Preston. Both of them were so passionate about the organization and the event they coordinated. The two sent flyers around Morgantown and called local businesses asking for donations of prom essentials—dresses, suits, shoes, make up and accessories.

            It was really special for me to be able to witness such selfless service done by all of the workers of Christian Help because everything in the entire building is free to those who are in need.

            I was unable to attend the event myself because I got the dates confused, but Lovell and Preston said it was a great success. They had dresses by the cart-load.

            Lovell took me upstairs and showed me the room they decorated for the event. They set up lights all over the room and hung the dresses up by size just as one would see in an actual dress boutique. They hung curtains around the room that were pastel colors, and there were make-up tables set up with free samples courtesy of Mary Kay.

            Writing and reporting for my story was fun to write because of the impact it had on teenagers in the area. Lovell said some of the moms even cried and the young women were speechless. It is a blessing that there are organizations in the area that can think so small as to try to make a young adult’s prom dreams come true.

            Another story on the event done by local station WBOY can also be found here.

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