KaylaGrogg_”Jimmy Nutts”

            For my final multimedia project, our group worked on a profile of a local independent wrestler named James Nutter. His stage name in the ring is “Jimmy Nutts.”

            When our group discussed doing a profile on him, I thought the story was going to focus on professional wrestling and the gimmicks associated with it. Most people consider professional wrestling fake, but what Nutter explained to me is that it really isn’t. The wrestlers are still jumping from the ropes and landing on top of one another onto a very hard surface. They still take hard hits and undergo enormous amounts of pain. While all that is true, I learned that the moves in the ring are choreographed.

            Before a match, wrestlers have a plan for each move they will make. When I spoke to Nutter and professional wrestler Ryan Madar, (a.k.a. “Ryan Mitchell”), they explained wrestling as a physical art. Their passion for it has to do with the stories they tell in the ring and the inspiration they give to others.

            I expected to sit down with a bulky, overly masculine wrestler who only wanted to talk about fighting. I was wrong. It turns out; Nutter’s story was more compelling than that. He opened up to us about his experiences with depression while in high school. Nutter was overweight and he did not have a close relationship with his family.

            In the first interview we had with him he told a story of how he attempted to commit suicide. His parents weren’t home, and he put gun to his head, but when he pulled the trigger, the gun jammed, saving his life. He said it was a miracle.

            He later had other suicide attempts that also failed, and it was then that Nutter realized there was something else planned for him. He became involved with his church and with wrestling and finally saw a future for himself.

            Nutter’s story was very touching to me especially because of the stigmas associated with wrestlers, boxers and athletes that they need to be extremely masculine and not show emotion. I was happy with the way our whole project turned out. My print story focused on Nutter’s passion for wrestling and the aspects of professional wrestling. The multimedia video focused on his emotional tribulations he faced that enabled him to be not only the person he is today, but the wrestler he is today.

The multimedia video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbQ4XKqQXJc

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