Taelene Swihart-Larry The Cable Guy Show

On April 22 I went to see Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall at the Consol Energy Center. I decided to write this story for Lori Goodwin Scott at the Herald Standard for her entertainment section.

When I first arrived I was amazed to find how many people had come to see the show, it was also very hard to find a parking spot.
After I got into the building and rode the escalator to the top of the building I found my seat all the way on the balcony.

There were thousands of people seated all around anxiously awaiting the show. At 8pm the host of the show came out to introduce Bill Engvall and he came out to the stage.

He told jokes about getting old, his family, and other numerous things. After about 20 minutes it was Jeff Foxworthy’s turn to come out. He of course told some redneck jokes, talked about his redneck family amongst other things.

Lastly Larry came out with his usual catch phrase “Get r Done” he was very funny, so much so that a man in front of me fell over with laughter.

It was over about 11pm. They didn’t let any body take photographs or video because they were filming a movie for CMT.

Otherwise I would have got some pictures. It was a good show and I think that all the fans throughly enjoyed themselves.

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