Black History Month events in Uniontown by Chelsea Fuller

In February, I decided to write about some of the events being held at Penn State Fayette. Black History Month is a big deal, and I was curious to see what other colleges and universities were doing to celebrate.

The story ran in the weekend section of the Uniontown Herald Standard, the paper that services Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

When I started researching, I was not anticipating that there would be a lot going on in regards to Black History Month being that there is small black population in Uniontown.

Surprisingly, Penn State Fayette had a calendar of really interesting events. Shame on me for making assumptions…can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge the character or interest of a town by its demographic.

Chad Long, the assistant director of Student Affairs at Penn State Fayette arranged events ranging from a photo exhibit featuring images of multicultural families in Fayette County, to a lecture series featuring the President and CEO of the YMAC Eric Mann.

The student community united with the faculty and staff to ensure they utilized Black History Month in a way that showed respect and educated their community.

This was my first story of the semester. My interviews were great and the content I gathered just seemed to fall together effortlessly. I learned a lot through writing this story.

I am very passionate about black history and I was determined to find a way to incorporate it into one of my stories. The Penn State Fayette Black History Month event calendar and the staff there made that possible for me.

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