Chelsea Fuller remembers: The MHS Show Choir

Earlier this semester, I had the privilege of working with a vivacious and talented group of students at Morgantown High School. The MHS “Images,” are one of the best show choirs in the state of West Virginia. 

The common definition of show choir is a group of people who combine choral singing with dance movements, sometimes within the context of a specific idea or story.

Show choirs or glee clubs have been around since the 1960’s. But, thanks to creation of Fox’s ‘Glee,’ show choirs have become very popular extracurricular activities. The MHS “Images,” who are rumored to have been the inspiration for ‘Glee,’ take their choir very seriously.

My group followed the “Images” through the days leading up to a major competition in St. Clairsville, Ohio and then through the days following it. We wanted to see what being an “Image” was really like.

With more than 26 members, the “Images” are the largest non-athletic extracurricular at MHS.

Practices are held daily and on weekends. Many believe that singing and dancing doesn’t require a lot of talent or work; but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Talent, passion and hard work are just a few characteristic demonstrated by the “Images.” Winning more than 100 titles, they have proven they are the best, and that they will continue to compete against the best for as the long as the choir exists.

Director and choir teacher Brent Nicholas feels show choir provides the students with a family and a sense of belonging.

“We have some who are athletes, egg-heads, divas-it is a very diverse group,” Nicholas said. ” They are all just regular kids who want somewhere to belong.”

Creating the multimedia piece entitled “MHS Show Choir 2011” was a great experience.  It was my first multimedia piece, and I could not have had a better subject to with.

The singing and the dancing made for very interesting and eye-pleasing content. The students were excited and tremendously cooperative. Their professionalism and energy made me want to produce great content because they were working so hard.

The “Images” are just regular high school students, but when the auditorium lights come on, they become professionals. Witnessing that transformation was without a doubt, the best part of working with them.

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