Friend of Deckers Creek – Wil

Written by Frank “Wil” Leitner

Our second multi-media project for this 459 class was ten times easier than it was for the first project. For the first project, I think we didn’t know how to manage the four-week period we had to do our package. Not to mention, this was still during the daily grind, and stress of having to also fulfill our responsibilities for WVU News. Having that out of the way was a huge monkey off our backs, now getting to focus solely on this class for shooting and editing.

I knew we were going to have a good group when we all turned in beat reports in class the day we were going to present our preliminary ideas. It was nice having four people all with solid ideas on stories that we could pursue. Even though one of our stories could have easily fallen through, we had three other backup plans; all having very interesting focuses in their own respective realms.

We decided on Zach’s idea of the Friends of Deckers Creek non-profit organization. Since its creation in 1995, Friends of Deckers Creek has lead programs that assist in the beautification of Deckers Creek, and the surrounding areas alongside the banks of the nearly 64-square mile watershed.

The two individuals we used for interviews in our package were both in their mid-twenties, and offered great input on how not only this organization has conducted itself in recent years, but their long-time goals for the future as well. It was great to be able to shoot in the outdoors next to such a beautiful piece of nature. My family and I spend a week in Colorado every summer, and being able to shoot our interviews, and b-roll next to such a vibrant waterway made me think I was in Colorado again. The rushing water was also the perfect natural sound for our video, and we didn’t have to worry about putting an audio track alongside of our video.

I had gone out on my own one of the days, and got my own shots with my HD camera from WVU News. I drove way down the Creek, and pretty much just parked alongside the creek and walked down the creek about a mile and a half and got as many shots as I could. It kind of made me ponder what a career in photography would be like! It was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was very peaceful as well. I think people come to Morgantown, and forget that they are amongst such a wonderful natural world, that few areas in this country can offer. You just have to find the right places to look.

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