Ali Workout-Aakash Vaghela

I recently did my multimedia project on Mohammed Ali. I have a lot to say about him. He is as intense as his workout. He used to be an overweight child, then he decided to create a workout program and lose weight. He lost 100 LBS in six months! I wasn’t sure how he did it but he did. His workout involves everyday lifiting weights, running, playing basketball, and workout drills. He is very proud of his program, and he should be.

Being an overweight kid is tough enough as it is, then people always make fun you on top of that. His program is something anyone can do if they are dedicated. He most certainly is. He also thought his workout program was good enough for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Program. She set up a program to battle childhood obesity. Ali’s plan fits in perfect with that.

Ali is very passionate about what he does and he really wants to help kids. I think he will be a great workout partner or instructor if he did that for a living. His intensity and passion just makes you want to do more. The best part is that he has been there before. He knows being overweight is tough and he knows what it takes to overcome it.

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