Ann – Jimmy Nutts

For my final multi media project my group did a piece on James Nutter AKA Jimmy Nutts. Jimmy has not lived a easy life and has over come many obstacles and struggles ever since he was born. We got the idea to do a piece on him from my group member Brittany Lowe. Brittany worked with Jimmy at Best Buy and got to know his story, and then we dug deeper during our personal interviews.

The main focus of our story is about Jimmy’s passion for wrestling. He uses wrestling as his “ecscape” from the many struggles he has in his life. Jimmy’s main struggle is his battle from depression.

We first started our project by attending one of Jimmy’s wretling matches. During the match Jimmy wrestled one of his close friends and trainer. We got great footage of the match to use in our project. After the match we ended up interviewing Jimmy three different times in three different locations. Each interview was very emotional and deep. One of the many reasons Jimmy’s story is special and stands out from other wrestlers is his ability to tell a story showing all of his emotions.  The first interview was at my house and on my porch. We ended up not using any of this footage because the backround was not a good visual. The second interview was conducted at Jimmys home. Nethier one of Jimmy’s parents were home so we didnt get a chance to interview either of them. The last interview was again at my house on the couch, a simple setting, but this is the majority of the footage we used. By the third interview we could tell what direction we wanted to take the story in and knew the perfect questions to ask.

The biggest struggle we has in this project was putting it all together. Jimmy said many compelling things that we had to sort through them all and find the perfect clips for the story. Creating this project was a great way to end my college career. I have never interviewed someone so motivating and inpsiring as Jimmy was.

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