Antony Fabiano- kshane

For our final multimedia project we wrote a story about a 5-year-old boy named Antony Fabiano.  In his young age, he has already battled two bouts with brain cancer, and has now officially been in remission for three years.  Our story covered his struggles to re-learn how to do everything from walking, talking, and even swallowing.  Also, it followed his mother, Sandra Fabiano’s fight to changer her life, and see her son alive.

I didn’t realize before this that brain cancer is one of the most common forms of childhood cancer- only second behind leukemia.  That statistic is crazy to me.  Especially in children, who haven’t even gotten a chance to live their own lives yet.

Antony’s fighting attitude, though, is something many people should aspire to be like in their own lives, even adults.  He has inspired me to take a grain of salt with any bad situation in my life, because it could be worse, and I could be potentially fighting something as big as brain cancer.  Antony does is in such a positive way, and with such a positive attitude, its inspiring.  And he is only 5.

Our time with Sandra really opened my eyes as well.  The family lives in a trailer behind the hospital, and their outlook on their lives is special.  They believe in each other, and that “thank you” are words that aren’t shared enough.  To Sandra, miracles can happen.  Her son is alive.  And she thanks many people for that.  She hasn’t forgotten a moment of their time in the WVU Children’s hospital, an affiliate of the Children’s Miracle Network, or a single person who has come in contact with Antony.  Which is impressive, to say the least, but also heart warming to know that people can appreciate the good in the world.

When I wrote this story, it was different from any story I’ve written thus far.  There was not really any “news” quality to the structure of the article.  I wrote it more as a narrative story, which really forced me to ‘dig deep’ for details and quotes and throughout interviews.  I’m really proud of it, and hope the Fabiano family likes it as well.  When the project was over, Sandra walked up to me and gave me one of the most heart warming, and meaningful hugs anyone has ever given me, and just kept saying “thank you” in my ear.  She was happy we took the time to get to know Antony and for telling their story, hopefully inspiring other parent going through the same thing.

To read my story, click here.

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