Antony’s Story

The story of Antony is ver remarkable. He was diagnosed with cancer twice and both times beat it.

When we pulled up to the trailer we were greeted by this tall women with a huge smile on her face. We entered the trailer and realized shooting this story was going to be a challenge. The reason it was going to be such a challenge was because there was no room to put anything. Everywhere you turned something was stacked on top of something else.

The first day of shooting went rather smoothly. The only problem we ran into was the fact that Antony and his sister would not stop playing. Often times wrestling with each other in the background of shots.

After we finished editing we realized that we needed to go back and shoot more shots. We had her in front of a window the whole time and thought that it would be a good idea if we had her outside as well. The second time we went back lighting became an issue. The sun kept popping in and out making the picture go from light to dark. Another problem we ran into was the neighbor was mowing their grass.

I would not re do a thing with this project. Maybe make sure the kids were not wrestling in the background, but other than that I was pleased with how things came out. To see a five year old kid battle cancer twice and survive is an amazing story.

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